Our Team

  • RAy Woodard

    Send City Missionary, Vancouver

    Having lived in the Vancouver area for over 27 years, Ray works with NAMB to connect partner churches to church planting in the Greater Vancouver Area. He leads Vision Tours throughout the year for interested church partners.

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  • Jessica Holmes

    Vancouver Church Planting Administrator

    Jessica oversees various administrative aspects including communication and event planning.  She also runs the GenSend program in Vancouver, and helps organize the P2 mission week during the summer.  

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  • Tim Corbin

    Church Planting Catalyst, Vancouver

    Having experienced the process of starting two churches Tim has a desire to help others develop viable strategies for serving their communities and growing sustainable churches that multiply.  

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  • Amy Corbin

    Church Planter Wives Support

    As a church planter wife, Amy's planting experience has given her a heart to encourage wives, network them together in relationship, and develop support for them, their families, and team members.

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  • Patsy Woodard

    Church Planting HUB Director

    Patsy provides an essential component for new churches by managing their financial bookkeeping in order for planters to spend more time serving and ministering to their communities.

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