Helping people take the next step

in their journey to start a new church.

The City


Often awarded by travel publications as the Best City in the Americas, Vancouver is truly a unique city. The high-rise buildings of downtown lie directly in between the Coast Mountains and the Pacific Ocean ~ a breathtaking sight to behold. Surf and sail in the morning; snow ski in the afternoon; end the day with a five-star meal—all in Canada’s largest seaport and North America’s most diversity-dense city.


In 1986 Vancouver hosted the World’s Fair Exposition and the world came and saw that Vancouver was beautiful. This led to an influx of people for the next 20+ years. Once considered just a provincial city in the 1970s, the Metro Vancouver area has grown by nearly 1.5 million people since then and is not planning on stopping. The total population of Metro Vancouver is quickly approaching 3.5 million people and now there are over 200 language groups in the area.


In the 1990s the greatest growth of people came from China. Vancouver boasts the second largest Chinese population of any city outside of China in the world. But, people from India, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Italy, Russia and the rest of the world have been moving to Vancouver as well. According to the 2006 census 43% of the people in Vancouver originate from countries outside of Canada. 

The Spiritual Climate

There is no one predominant spiritual belief in Vancouver.  Each person you meet will more than likely believe in something different than the next person.  Some hold to a world religion, while others take what they like from each religion, and leave the rest.  Others distance themselves from any religion, but will self-identify as a spiritual person embracing meditation and various forms of mysticism.  And yet a large percentage believe there is no god, or that we cannot know if there is a god.

Of the 3.5 million people living in the region:

  • 41% of Vancouver residents claim no religious affiliation at all according to the Canadian Census

  • Only 6% of the population self-identify as Evangelical. 

  • There is 1 Canadian National Baptist Convention Church for every 44,995 people in Vancouver.

The Vision

Vancouver Church Planting exists to help people take the next step in their journey to start a new church. Believing in the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our heart is to proclaim the Kingdom of God and multiply disciples, leaders, and churches.

As a network we support churches in several different languages aiming to reach all people living in the Vancouver region. We provide training, coaching, and support to our network of planters in effort to start healthy, effective, and multiplying churches.  

Our current goal is to have 200 churches by 2021 that result in transforming community.  We invite you to explore the possibility of planting with us!

In partnership With

Vancouver Church Planting partners with the Send Network (North American Mission Board), WestCoast Baptist Association, and Canadian National Baptist Convention (CNBC) to plant healthy, effective, and multiplying churches.